Plus3D™ augmented reality app creates a new interactive experience for the customer and the ability to view virtual 3D products through the eyes of a mobile device.

Plus3D™ can be used on tablets and smartphones. Once the Plus3D™ app is opened, customers can look at a variety of magazine advertisements in amazing 3D for example, or architects can see blueprints come alive. Marker papers can be customized to show different products, depending on individual needs.

Plus (+) symbols on adverts for example, indicate that the page contains content which can be displayed in 3D. Plus3D™ is suitable for promotional needs, marketing, editorial content and learning. Plus3D™ opens up a whole world of possibilities and makes for a memorable viewing experience.

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Install Plus3D™ on a tablet or smartphone straight away. For Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

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Asenna ja käynnistä Plus3D    Ota esille kiva jossa plus-symboli    Tarkastele kuvaa eri puolilta

• Download Plus3D™ for your tablet or smartphone
• Select the Plus3D™ icon.
• Look at the desired image marker showing the Plus3D™ icon
• Plus3D™ recognizes the image marker and the 3D model will appear over the image
• You can now view the 3D model from different angles.
• The application has English instructions.

For businesses

Do you want to showcase your product to your customers in three dimensions?
Want to make a memorable first impression?

Plus3D™ products are suitable for 3D-presentations and can fit the customer's mobile lifestyle. One application, multiple use. If you need extra functionality for presentations, animation or more colour and branding options, contact us today and we can make a great customized app together!

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