Plus3D™ augmented reality app creates a new interactive experience for the customer and the ability to view virtual 3D products through the eyes of a mobile device.

Plus3D™ is a mobile AR (Augmented Reality) viewer app for smart phones and tablets.
For example, brochures or other material marked with the Plus3D™ symbol contain 3D models ready to view. 3D models can also be animated which adds value to the experience. Plus3D™ is suitable for marketing, product presentations and learning.
Plus3D™ is multi-purpose and can show a variety of 3D models in a multitude of fields. Residential areas, houses, buildings, door handles, car wheels, air-conditioning wall units, fireplaces and furniture are a few examples of applications.
Plus3D ™ opens up a whole world of possibilities and makes for a vivid and memorable viewing experience.